Ranchero/Deep Creek Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 750

Bylaw Number: 750

Ranchero / Deep Creek Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 750, located in Electoral Area D, was adopted at the November 17th, 2011 Board meeting. 

Please note that the CSRD adopted the Ranchero/Deep Creek Official Community Plan Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw No. 750-02 at the April 19th, 2018 Board meeting. Bylaw No. 750-02 provides updated census data, new foreshore and water designations, and other changes to ensure consistency with the new Ranchero / Deep Creek Zoning Bylaw No. 751.

This consolidated bylaw is not intended to be used for legal purposes. The term “consolidated bylaw” simply means that the document represents the bylaw in its most recently amended form. The consolidated bylaw consists of the original, or base, bylaw and current amendments which have been made to the base bylaw.


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