Ranchero / Deep Creek Zoning Bylaw No. 751

Bylaw Number: 751

Ranchero / Deep Creek Zoning Bylaw No. 751, located in Electoral Area D, was adopted at the April 19th, 2018 Board meeting. 

The new Zoning Bylaw replaces Ranchero / Deep Creek Land Use Bylaw No. 2100, and is a follow up to the Ranchero / Deep Creek Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 750.  

What does this mean?

  • The entirety of the Ranchero/ Deep Creek bylaw area is now subject to the new zoning bylaw requirements.
  • Zoning regulates: land use; density; minimum/maximum parcel size; building dimensions, size, height, setbacks; servicing requirements; parking requirements; among other matters.
  • Property owners seeking to develop or redevelop their property should consult the Zoning Bylaw and CSRD Development Services Department.
Schedule B - Land Use Overview Map and Gardom Lake Inset Map Download
Schedule C - Individual Zoning Mapsheets Download

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