Proposed - Electoral Area E Zoning Bylaw No. 841

Bylaw Number: 841

On January 20, 2022 the Electoral Area E Zoning Bylaw No. 841 received Third Reading by the CSRD Board.   

Bylaw No. 841 will replace land use regulations for areas currently covered by Rural Sicamous Land Use Bylaw No. 2000 and will introduce new regulations for the remainder of the Electoral Area. Bylaw No. 840 has been prepared concurrently with a new Official Community Plan for Electoral Area E (Bylaw No. 840). 

The public engagement information platform for Bylaw No.841 and Bylaw No. 840 and can be found here.

There are some important considerations regarding Building Permit and Development Permit applications with respect to the proposed Electoral Area E (Rural Sicamous) Bylaw no. 840 (OCP) and Bylaw No. 841 (Zoning). This applies to anyone looking to apply for a building permit in the fall of 2021. More information can be found here.

Once adopted, Bylaw No. 841 will apply to the entirety of Electoral Area E (shown on the map below):

Questions regarding both bylaws can be directed to:

Jan Thingsted, Planner III
Tel: 250.833.5918