Proposed - Electoral Area E Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 840

Bylaw Number: 840

On August 20th, 2020 Electoral Area E Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 840 received First Reading by the CSRD Board.   

Bylaw No. 840 will replace land use policies for areas currently covered by Rural Sicamous Land Use Bylaw No. 2000 and will introduce new polices for the remainder of the Electoral Area. Bylaw No. 840 will also introduce several Development Permit Areas which will be applicable to the entire Electoral Area. Policies contained in the Plan advance the goals of the CSRD 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and BC Climate Action Charter commitments.

Bylaw No. 840 will apply to the entirety of Electoral Area E (shown on the map below):

The August 20th Board Report explains how the proposed Electoral Area E Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 840 has been drafted, including a brief description of the proposed text and mapping, and a summary of public consultation and bylaw implementation after adoption.

The proposed Official Community Plan Text and Mapping can be accessed by clicking the links below:

1.Board Report

Concurrent to the development of Bylaw No. 840, a new Zoning Bylaw is also being prepared for Electoral Area E. It is expected that the new Zoning Bylaw will be ready to be presented to the Board for first reading by early fall 2020. 

Formal public engagement for the proposed Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw will begin following First Reading of the Zoning Bylaw.  This public process will entail CSRD staff reaching out to the community to obtain feedback and then making any necessary changes to the Bylaws.

In the meantime, questions regarding Bylaw No. 840 can be directed to:

Jan Thingsted, Planner III
Tel: 250.833.5918