Electoral Area B Zoning Bylaw No. 851

Bylaw Number: 851

Electoral Area B Zoning Bylaw No. 851 was adopted at the August 21, 2014 Board meeting.  

The new Zoning Bylaw is as a replacement to Rural Revelstoke Land Use Bylaw No. 2200, and a follow up to the Electoral Area 'B' Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 850.  

What does this mean?

  • The entirety of Electoral Area 'B' (Mica, Downie Loop, Albert Canyon, Airport Bench, Begbie Bench, Shelter Bay, Galena Bay, Beaton, Ferguson, Trout Lake, Halcyon North and all other rural areas) is now subject to zoning bylaw requirements.
  • Zoning regulates land use; density; minimum/maximum parcel size; building dimensions, size, height, setbacks; servicing requirements; parking requirements; among other matters.
  • Property owners seeking to develop or redevelop their property should consult the Zoning Bylaw or CSRD planning staff to determine the regulations for their zone.


Overview Maps

Downie Loop -Schedule B Download
Mica Dam -Schedule B Download
Rural Revelstoke -Schedule B Download
Trout Lake -Schedule B Download
Upper Arrow Lake -Schedule B Download
Zoning Maps - Schedule C Download

Interactive Map

Use the web map to view Bylaw 851 mapping and find the zoning for a property. Search options: civic address, PID, legal plan, roll number.

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