CSRD Noise Bylaw No. 5754

Bylaw Number: 5754

CSRD Noise Bylaw No. 5754 was adopted at the June 21, 2018 Board Meeting. 

The CSRD has adopted Noise Bylaw No. 5754 to provide the RCMP with an additional enforcement tool to address noise-related concerns. The enforcement of Bylaw No. 5754 is at the sole discretion of the RCMP; the RCMP is authorized in MTI Bylaw No. 5776 to issue a municipal ticket for noise-related offences. CSRD staff will not be enforcing this bylaw. Upon receipt of a noise complaint, CSRD staff will explain the purpose and content of Bylaw No. 5754 to residents and direct them to their local RCMP detachment for follow-up.