Building Bylaw No. 660

Bylaw Number: 660

CSRD Building Bylaw No. 660 has applied to Electoral Areas B, E and F since March 5, 2018. Electoral Area C was recently included in the Bylaw as a Building Inspection service area on March 4, 2019. Staff have now had a full year to utilize the bylaw, and consider minor housekeeping changes. Bylaw 660-02 contains one major change that was adopted is to have the bylaw exempt farm buildings from requiring a building permit, other than for farm buildings used for cannabis production.

For clarity, a Farm Building Exemption Policy has been approved in conjunction with the adoption of Building Bylaw 660-02.

Building Permits are now required for most new building construction in Electoral Areas B (Rural Revelstoke), Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) and E (Rural Sicamous). Building permits continue to be required in the communities of Lee Creek, Scotch Creek, Celista, Magna Bay, Anglemont, and St. Ives in Electoral Area F (North Shuswap). Six (6) building inspections will be required to be completed by a CSRD Building Inspector during construction.

Anyone who has questions about the new service is encouraged to contact the CSRD Building Department  (1.888.248.2773 or 250.832.8194; or

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