Message from the Chair

Kevin Flynn,
CSRD Board Chair

Passion. Teamwork. Respect. These are words I use often.

I’m passionate about the Columbia Shuswap Regional District – its natural beauty, the lifestyle it offers and the people who make it a vibrant place to live. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District also offers a unique combination of rural and urban life. We have everything from farmland to charming towns and cities, to lakeside resorts and ski hills.

We also have residents who are passionate about getting involved in their communities and working together to make positive contributions to this region. We value the active involvement of our citizens in helping to build a healthy and economically sustainable place for future generations.

I’m also passionate about local government and making a difference to the citizens of this region. I have a long record of public service. I am currently in my fifth term of office as a councillor for the City of Salmon Arm and have also represented the City at the CSRD for close to 10 years. I am honoured to bring my experience to the table as I take on this new role as Chair of the Board.

I, along with my fellow Board members, understand the trust and responsibility you have placed in us as leaders of this region.  And, like any team, we need to work together to achieve the goals we envision for this region. Our commitment is to do this with respect as a guiding principle – respect for our constituents, respect for Board Directors and respect for staff who do the day-to-day work of the CSRD.

Our decisions impact things like your water system, your landfill, and your protection from fire. We operate community parks, work to attract visitors and offer services to cope with emergencies. We help shape what your community looks like through carefully considered community planning. And we do all this, and more, with diligent attention to what this means to your wallet.

We welcome your suggestions and your feedback. There are more ways than ever before for you to reach out and get your questions or your concerns addressed. In addition to the traditional phone, mail or email, CSRD staff are informing and engaging our constituents through our CSRD social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Board has recently adopted a strategic plan to help guide our priorities. We have come together and agreed on key values at the foundation of our work. As Board Chair, it is my commitment to focus all of our efforts on these values – integrity, engagement, fairness, respect, innovation, positivity and empathy. This is what will drive us into the future.

The Strategic Plan is available on our website at this link. I would encourage residents to take a look.

Using this plan as a guide, we are prepared to move forward with positioning our regional community for continued success and prosperity.


Kevin Flynn,
CSRD Board Chair