Message from the Chair

This is an excerpt from our 2016 Annual Report, you can find the report in its entirety here.

As Chair of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) Board of Directors I am very pleased on behalf of them to welcome you to our Annual Report. It has been an honour to serve our Board as well as the constituents of the CSRD over this past year.

Each of our departments will be providing a report on their activities over the past year and as such I would like to pick a few highlights to focus on. 

As Local Governments we are benefiting from the efforts of our federal colleagues in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, FCM, as they were able to convince our Federal Government to give back a portion of gas tax funds to local governments across the country. We, the CSRD have used these funds to help develop community parks and trails and upgrade community halls and fire halls with improved lighting and insulation. 

We saw several parks projects completed this year. A lovely new playground was developed with much community input in Parson. Mt Tuam Community Bike Park was built in Area C with much consultation with the youngsters in the community. This is nestled in amongst homes, a lovely shady spot in the trees. The highlight of our Parks development was the opening of the North Fork Wild in Area E. This property was donated to the CSRD by Mr. Peter Jennings, whose nephew Graham travelled from England to attend the ceremony. Of special significance was the Welcome Song and Drumming Ceremony performed by Chief Wayne Christian of Splatsin First Nations. Students from SD#83 have enjoyed activities throughout the year and the teaching staff has plans to increase the opportunities for outdoor education in the future.

The Sunnybrae Water System was awarded a $1.7 Million dollar grant to undertake some very necessary improvements to the system. This is a very good news story for the community. Clean reliable water, will be welcomed by the users of the system.

Throughout the year community groups make application to the CSRD for a grant in-aid. We are very pleased to support a good many of these applications. The groups that apply for this assistance help provide services and improve the quality of life in our rural communities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers that give of themselves so freely to support the organization of their choice. Your efforts truly do make a difference. I must also thank the members of our Volunteer Fire Departments and our Emergency Programs. Your ongoing training and time spent practicing helps to keep us safe. We are grateful for all of your efforts.

 Sincerely, Rhona Martin, Board Chair