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1. Has the engagement phase of the study been completely shut down?
2. Could you please clarify the final amount of the provincial offer? I understand it was once $5.35 million but has been updated.
3. What would a Mayor and six Councilors be paid in a new Sorrento-Blind Bay Municipality?
4. If incorporation were to proceed, what would happen to the current CSRD zoning bylaw for Sorrento-Blind Bay, dock and buoy regulations, and the requirement for building permits?
5. Is it possible to advertise small group zoom meetings so that the electorate can join the meetings?
6. Would the new municipality, formed as a result of a decision to incorporate, provide its own building permits? Would incorporation result in faster building permit turn-around times?
7. Why is $400,000 being used in the sample tax notices as the value of a representative house? Most houses are worth more than this amount.