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1. In the recent virtual presentation the Consultant stated that by year 7 there would be about $14 million in reserves. How will those reserves be funded?
2. Would residents in a new Sorrento-Blind Bay Municipality continue to receive the Home Owner Grant that they receive today in Electoral Area C?
3. Would local non-profit societies that benefit the community receive the same tax exemptions in a Sorrento-Blind Bay Municipality as they do today in Electoral Area C (and as they would in Area C1)?
4. How do the projected taxes for Sorrento and Blind Bay compare to taxes in small municipalities elsewhere?
5. The Local Roads Service Sheet, in Figure 5, shows two scenarios for road service costs. What additional services would be provided for the higher "Municipal Level Operations" budget?
6. How many admin staff would the municipality require? In one answer you state seven; then in another you state 15. Also, what admin positions are needed and what are the corresponding salaries for each
7. Why do all of the studies use a $400,000 average home price? If the average home price were $800,000 instead of $400,000 what would that change do to all of your examples in the documents? Would the i
8. If a person has commercial property in the proposed incorporation area from which they run a business, but their personal residential property is outside the proposed incorporation area, does that per
9. With the recent increase in RCMP salaries by an average of 23% across Canada, is the Committee planning to have the consultant revise the policing service sheets and tax notices?