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Silver Creek Community Park - Outdoor Ice Rink

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The Silver Creek outdoor skating rink is popular with families throughout the winter months. 

The operation of the rinks is dependent on weather and ice conditions, so rinks may be closed without advance notice. Please be aware that rink conditions are monitored for safety and will be shut down if rink contractors deem the conditions unsuitable for skating. 

Regular maintenance on rinks generally takes place between 7 AM and 10 AM, so skating may be temporarily interrupted during those times.

Before you head out to skate keep some ice rink tips in mind. Be prepared that rinks may be closed if: 

  • There is rain
  • Temperatures are above freezing (0 C)
  • Overnight temperatures are not lower than -7 C for a few days in a row

Due to staff availability and budget, the CSRD will not be posting all rink status updates on the website or social media. Use the weather conditions in your area as a guide when deciding to head to an outdoor rink. Be prepared that outdoor rinks may be closed. 

Please respect the closed signs and do not skate when not in operation. Not only does skating on a closed rink create an increased risk of personal injury, it can also deeply damage the ice surface and make it more difficult to restore once weather conditions allow.