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Shuswap Lake Level Update 2022

The Shuswap Emergency Program has activated its Emergency Operations Centre to assist with flood preparations in the Shuswap, as both river and lake levels are increasing. 

As part of this, we will be posting a lake level daily during the flood watch period. Please use this information as a guide to help you make decisions about what flooding precautions are needed to protect your property. 

The level of Shuswap Lake on Monday, June 27 at 7 AM is 348.944 m.

Yesterday's level of Shuswap Lake on Sunday, June 26 at 7 AM was 348.946 m.

Shuswap Lake close to 349-metre mark

Shuswap Lake hasn’t peaked yet.

The gradual but steady rise of the lake level continues, coming just shy of the 349-metre mark at noon on Sunday. High temperatures are predicted to increase snow melt feeding into the lake, pushing the lake’s high-water mark out into the coming week or beyond.

The 2018 flood levels peaked at 349.141 m, while 2012 saw a high-water mark of 349.588 m.

Shuswap Lake predicted to approach 2018 high-water levels

Current lake level predictions are indicating Shuswap Lake is heading towards a level of 349.1 metres, with the peak expected to take place this coming weekend or into early next week.

Forecasted data from two different types of provincial modeling systems is currently suggesting Saturday, June 25 or Sunday, June 26 may see the highest water levels for the year in the Shuswap.

These forecasts always carry a degree of uncertainty as they can be affected by many factors including temperature, rainfall, and snow melt rates.

Flood watch - June 17

As lake and rivers levels continue a steady climb upward, the Shuswap Emergency Program is reminding people to monitor the situation and to be safe around the water.

The posted graph is showing peak lake level predictions for the weekend and into next week, based on two Provincial modelling programs.

Flooding risk rising in the Shuswap, prepare now

The Shuswap Emergency Program (SEP) is advising residents of the increasing risk of flooding in Shuswap-area lakes and rivers in the coming days.

The BC River Forecast Centre has upgraded to Flood Watch status for the Shuswap Region, including the Seymour River, Eagle River, Adams River, Shuswap River and surrounding tributaries. The level of the Salmon River in the Salmon Valley area is coming up but has not been included in the Flood Watch at this time.


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