Incorporation Service and Issue Sheets

As part of the Incorporation study process, Neilson Strategies is developing of a set of Service Sheets to outline the service, governance, financial, property tax, and other implications of incorporation for Sorrento and Blind Bay. One Service Sheet would be produced for each local government service provided to residents in the study area, including services provided by the CSRD, provincial government ministries and agencies, regional bodies, and other entities. These sheets are then brought to a meeting of the Advisory Committee for endorsement. Once endorsed by a vote of the Advisory Committee, the Service Sheets will become part of the committee's final report to the CSRD's Board of Directors.

Endorsed Service Sheet  
Library Services Download
Planning and Building Services Download


Additionally, Issue Sheets are being formulated to address specific incorporation-related issues, such as the differences in the availability of grants between municipalities and electoral areas. These provide additional information about what the Incorporation Option and the Two Electoral Areas Option mean for citizens.

Endorsed Issue Sheet  
Agricultural Properties Download