What other permits (in addition to a building permit) may be required?

The CSRD may require other permits, such as a development permit, depending on the type and location of the construction project. Development permit (DP) areas are identified in the Area B, Area C, and Area F Official Community Plans (OCPs), and the draft Area E OCP (see CSRD website to view OCPs and information about DPs). DP areas are established for land with environmental significance (such as lakefront, foreshore or riparian areas) or hazardous conditions (e.g., steep slopes or flood areas). Other development permit areas are created to ensure that the character of commercial and multi-family developments are developed in accordance with the community vision as expressed in the OCP). Construction within development permit areas must follow guidelines to ensure development is safe for the use intended, that environmental areas are identified and protected and that the character is consistent with the community vision. As part of the building permit review, Building staff will confirm whether any DPs are required. A DP is required to be issued by the CSRD prior to a building permit being issued.

Anyone who is unsure whether a project requires a development permit is encouraged to contact the Building Department at 888-248-2773 or 250-832-8194 or email the building department.

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