How is treatment for mosquitos done?

The programs are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), in that the most environmentally sensitive methods of control are considered first. Prevention and reduction of mosquito larval development sites are the first objective of the CSRD.

The vast majority of the CSRD mosquito control campaigns is focused on controlling mosquitoes while they are in their larval stages, (as opposed to their adult stage) for two primary reasons. Larval control is much more efficient than adult control - it is possible to treat larval mosquitoes in very high concentrations in larval development ponds, while adult mosquitoes tend to disperse soon after emerging over a much wider area.

When habitat monitoring determines that treatment is required, pellets of larvicide are applied by hand or by helicopter during the mosquito larva 3rd or 4th instar phase of development. View the Pest Management Plan (PDF).

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4. How is treatment for mosquitos done?
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