Why was a new Electoral Area needed?

The Two Electoral Areas option was identified by the Electoral Area C Governance Committee at the end of the 2017 South Shuswap Governance Study into the possibility of incorporation for Sorrento and Blind Bay. This 2017 Committee, comprised of 12 residents from communities throughout Electoral Area C, recommended that Area C be divided into two separate areas in the event that incorporation did not proceed. 

The recommendation was based on the view that the existing Electoral Area C is too large to be served effectively by only one Electoral Area Director. The CSRD Board and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs endorsed the recommendation.

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1. Why was a new Electoral Area needed?
2. Who decided where the boundaries would be?
3. Why couldn’t Electoral Area C just have two Directors?
4. Who represents me on the CSRD Board?
5. Who makes the decisions in Electoral Area C and G?
6. What does the creation of Electoral Area G mean for the CSRD services I receive?
7. Does that mean the services we have now won’t change in the future?
8. What does this mean for property taxes in Electoral Area C and G?
9. How will assets or reserve funds that belonged to Electoral Area C now be divided between the new Electoral Area C and Electoral Area G?