What is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)?

The SCADA system that is currently used by CSRD and our contractors is internet-based and can be accessed through a laptop computer at any location. This system helps staff monitor and control our water systems and allows for better coverage and a higher level of service while simultaneously reducing costs. Operators at any location can not only monitor, but can actually change the set points for flow, chlorine dose, pump run times etc. They can also react to alarming conditions, such as loss of flow, reservoir levels, power outage or high/low temperatures.

Trends in parameters such as reservoir levels, chlorine residual and turbidity can be graphed over a day, week or months, which enables CSRD staff to prevent any possible issues.This provides for a proactive rather than reactive approach, thereby reducing callouts.

Example of a typical SCADA screen (Cedar Heights):

SCADA Screen

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