What would a Mayor and six Councilors be paid in a new Sorrento-Blind Bay Municipality?

The Administration Service Sheet (PDF) presents the total costs required to administer a new municipality.  Embedded in those totals are specific assumptions related to Council member remuneration.  Specifically, based on current salaries paid to Council members in other small municipalities in the Interior of British Columbia, the administration cost figures include:

  • $27,000 annual salary for the Mayor
  • $13,000 annual salary for each Councillor.

In addition to these salary figures, the administration cost figures include a total of $20,000 for Council expenses, $35,000 for participation in the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), and $15,000 for participation in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). These figures are for all members of the Council (i.e., Mayor and six Councillors) combined.

Based on the approach taken in most British Columbia local governments, it is assumed that a new municipality would not provide benefits on top of these salaries to the Mayor and Councillors. The municipality may choose to make benefits programs available for purchase by Council members; however, the cost of buying into any benefits program would be the responsibility of the individual members of Council, not municipal taxpayers.

It is also assumed that the Mayor and Councillors would not receive municipal pensions. The issue of pensions was addressed in an earlier FAQ as follows:

Local government politicians are not members of the Municipal Pension Plan or any other province-wide plan.  There are ten municipalities in British Columbia that have chosen to establish limited pension-like plans for their own elected officials that meet certain requirements.  All ten of these municipalities are located in Metro Vancouver.  The remaining 152 municipalities do not offer any pension programs for elected officials.

By way of comparison, the additional Electoral Area Director under the default Two Electoral Areas option would be paid $15,000 in salary. Expenses are budged at $9,000, with $5,000 additional for UBCM, $2,500 for FCM.

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