How do the projected taxes for Sorrento and Blind Bay compare to taxes in small municipalities elsewhere?

Caution needs to be exercised when answering this question because each community is different.  Each community has a different assessment base, a different number of road kilometers, a different amount of non-residential assessment, some unique services and ways of delivering services, a different population, and different service needs.  Local taxes in each jurisdiction will vary based on all of these differences.

Local taxes will also vary based on residents' expectations for services, demands for different service levels, ability to pay for services, and willingness to pay.  Locally-elected municipal councils make decisions and are held accountable for those decisions, based on all of these factors.

Local conditions and differences among communities notwithstanding, it can be useful to consider what homeowners in other small municipalities are paying in local property taxes.  The accompanying table presents a range of places in the BC Interior and shows the total local property taxes paid by the owner of a representative home in each.  All figures are from 2020 and include all property taxes paid for municipal services, regional district services, and provincial/other services (including police and school).  The figures do not include the Home Owner Grant (which would reduce the total amount owing in all cases), and do not include parcel taxes or user fees. 

The table shows the total projected property for a representative home ($400,000) in Sorrento-Blind Bay under both the incorporation and the Area C1 option.  These figures are also shown for Blind Bay without the Home Owner Grant, parcel taxes or user fees.  The figures assume a population of 4,550, which is below the 5,000 population-level after which a Sorrento-Blind Bay Municipality would become responsible for local policing.

Assessed Value (Representative home)
Total Property Taxes (Actual 2020)
Salmon Arm    

Sorrento-Blind Bay
Assessed Value (Representative home)Total Property Taxes (Projected on 2020 figures)

Electoral Area C1$400,000$1,994
SBB Municipality$400,000$2,176

Note: the Sorrento home is slightly higher in both scenarios than the Blind Bay home because of some small differences in street lighting services.

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4. How do the projected taxes for Sorrento and Blind Bay compare to taxes in small municipalities elsewhere?
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