How was the average property assessment of $400,000 determined?

The $400,000 typical residential property was chosen, as a round number, to represent the 2019 average residential assessment in Area C of $402,388. This figure was readily available to the consultants from BC Assessment and CSRD tax reporting.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs publishes a range of municipal taxation data sheets each year. One sheet presents "Taxes and Charges on a Representative House" for each municipality. The data, unfortunately, are not presented for electoral areas. Representative house values for nearby and CSRD municipalities in 2019 were as follows:

  • Salmon Arm - $398,835
  • Chase - $276,558
  • Sicamous - $326,954
  • Revelstoke - $446,821
  • Golden - $301,010

During the engagement phase of the study, public materials will show tax implications for a range of properties and property values.

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1. How was the average property assessment of $400,000 determined?
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