What opportunities will residents, community groups, and stakeholders have to review information and ask questions?

A key role of the Incorporation Study Committee is to ensure that the community - residents, community groups, and stakeholders - receives the information and understanding it needs to make an informed decision on incorporation. Opportunities for the community to receive, review and question information include the following:

  • Committee Meetings - Every meeting of the Committee is open to the public and includes, as an agenda item, an opportunity for questions from community members in attendance. Committee meetings are advertised by the CSRD online (csrd.bc.ca), in media, and through social media.
  • Website - All background materials, all Committee meeting packages, and all analyses (i.e., service sheets, issue sheets) are posted online at csrd.bc.ca. Questions can be submitted through a website link.
  • Hard Copy Materials - A complete hard copy of all materials is available for review at the South Shuswap Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library, the Sorrento Centre office, and the CSRD office in Salmon Arm.
  • Community Engagement Process - In the fall of 2020, the Committee will undertake an extensive two-month engagement process that will include open houses, a mail-out, a moderated discussion, and several other components.

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1. Why is the incorporation study being undertaken?
2. How did we get to this point?
3. How was the boundary chosen for the incorporation study area?
4. Why does the study area include some agricultural properties?
5. Can the study area boundary be changed?
6. Can I opt out of the incorporation study area?
7. Who will decide if a new municipality should be created?
8. What is the role of the Incorporation Study Committee?
9. What would incorporation cost taxpayers?
10. What opportunities will residents, community groups, and stakeholders have to review information and ask questions?
11. What would happen to residents who live outside of the study area in the event of an incorporation?
12. Would a new municipality have ongoing obligations to the CSRD?
13. If there are concerns about governance, can the CSRD address them by adding a second Electoral Area Director to the current Area C?
14. If we incorporate, what will happen to our fire department or other services?
15. What would be the name of the new municipality?
16. What would incorporation mean for garbage collection?