What would incorporation cost taxpayers?

A key purpose of the incorporation study is to understand and document the expected cost impact on local taxpayers of a decision to create a new Sorrento-Blind Bay municipality. 

Costs associated with individual services will be determined and publicized over the course of the analysis phase of the study, which will stretch from January to August 2020. The full expected cost impact will be known at the end of the analysis and will be presented to the public during the community engagement phase in the fall of 2020.

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1. Why is the incorporation study being undertaken?
2. How did we get to this point?
3. How was the boundary chosen for the incorporation study area?
4. Why does the study area include some agricultural properties?
5. Can the study area boundary be changed?
6. Can I opt out of the incorporation study area?
7. Who will decide if a new municipality should be created?
8. What is the role of the Incorporation Study Committee?
9. What would incorporation cost taxpayers?
10. What opportunities will residents, community groups, and stakeholders have to review information and ask questions?
11. What would happen to residents who live outside of the study area in the event of an incorporation?
12. Would a new municipality have ongoing obligations to the CSRD?
13. If there are concerns about governance, can the CSRD address them by adding a second Electoral Area Director to the current Area C?
14. If we incorporate, what will happen to our fire department or other services?
15. What would be the name of the new municipality?
16. What would incorporation mean for garbage collection?