What is the role of the Incorporation Study Committee?

The Incorporation Study Committee is an objective, fact-finding, and oversight body that is responsible for:

  • overseeing all phases of the Incorporation Study, and all of the work undertaken by the consultants
  • providing opportunities for electors of Sorrento and Blind Bay to review, understand, and question the study's findings with respect to the anticipated service, governance, financial, and taxation impacts of incorporation
  • considering all input provided by residents over the course of the study
  • submitting a final report to the CSRD Board
  • making a recommendation to the Board on an incorporation referendum.

The Committee is comprised of 12 residents of Sorrento and Blind Bay, each of whom was appointed by the CSRD Board of Directors based on an application for membership. John Smith (Blind Bay) was elected by the Committee members to serve as Committee Chair; Patrick Earley (Blind Bay) was elected to serve as Vice-Chair.  Electoral Area C Director, Paul Demenok, sits on the Committee in an ex-officio capacity (and, thus, does not have a vote).  The consulting team, led by Neilson Strategies Inc., reports to the Committee. CSRD staff, represented by Lynda Shykora (Deputy Manager, Corporate Administration Services) provides support to the Committee.

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1. Why is the incorporation study being undertaken?
2. How did we get to this point?
3. How was the boundary chosen for the incorporation study area?
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7. Who will decide if a new municipality should be created?
8. What is the role of the Incorporation Study Committee?
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12. Would a new municipality have ongoing obligations to the CSRD?
13. If there are concerns about governance, can the CSRD address them by adding a second Electoral Area Director to the current Area C?
14. If we incorporate, what will happen to our fire department or other services?
15. What would be the name of the new municipality?
16. What would incorporation mean for garbage collection?