Where can I get more information about FireSmart?

The FireSmart BC and FireSmart Canada websites have libraries of information. The BC wildfire service website has information on prevention, fire bans and active fires. Of course, at the CSRD we have compiled a number of important documents for you. We encourage you to follow one or all of our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Shuswap Emergency Program also has a Facebook page. The BC Wildfire service can also be followed online.

Stay informed and stay FireSmart.

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1. My property is considered at a high risk for a wildfire based on my assessment. What should I do?
2. I've heard I can earn a $500 rebate. What are the program requirements?
3. The cost to make my property safer is much more than I can afford. What can I do?
4. My property is low risk, do I need to worry?
5. I have combustible roof and deck materials and won’t be able to make those changes for a longer time. What can I do to reduce my risk?
6. What can I do to make a difference to the wildfire risk in my surrounding community?
7. What would you do with my assessment score and information about my property?
8. Where can I get more information about FireSmart?