How do I apply for Community Works (Gas Tax) Funds?

Expenditure of the funds will be in accordance with the 2014-2024 Agreement between the UBCM and CSRD, dated July 7, 2014. There are specific criteria and only eligible projects can be considered. For further information, please contact Jodi Pierce, Manager Financial Services, at 250-833-5907 or by email Jodi Pierce.

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1. How are the rates set on the utility bill? Will they increase?
2. How do I apply for Community Works (Gas Tax) Funds?
3. How often will I get a utility bill?
4. I am moving (selling the home). What do I do with my utility bill?
5. I am the property owner, but I want my utility bill to go to my renter. How do I do this?
6. I have submitted an invoice to the Regional District for payment. When will I get paid?
7. I just bought a property in the Regional District and the first utility bill I received shows arrears from before I bought the property. Who is responsible for paying these arrears?
8. I live in Anglemont and am not connected to water, why is there a charge for water on my property tax notice?
9. What happens to unpaid amounts on my utility bill at December 31?
10. What is the mill rate on my property taxes?
11. Where can I pay my bill?