Will I get access to all information that I ask for?

Depending on what you ask for, you may not get access to all information contained within the records that respond to your request.

The Act includes several specific exemptions to disclosure, which means that, by law, certain types of records and information is to be protected and not made available to the public. Some exemptions are mandatory while others are exercised at the discretion of the Information and Privacy Coordinator (as defined in our Freedom of Information Bylaw Number 5651) based on the relevant circumstances surrounding the request.

For example, reasons for refusing access to information held by the Regional District are generally related to the protection of:

  • personal privacy;
  • businesses trade secrets or unit pricing;
  • solicitor-client privilege;
  • deliberations of the Board and Board Committees that are authorized to be held in the absence of the public (i.e. Closed or "in camera" meetings);
  • policy advice, staff recommendations, or draft regulations not yet made public;
  • information that may harm a law enforcement matter (this includes bylaw enforcement matters);
  • information that may harm the financial interests of the Regional District or other public body.

If you do not get access to all information you requested, you will be advised of the reasons for the refusal and the provision(s) of the Act on which the refusal is based. If you are not satisfied with how the Regional District responds to your FOI request, you have the right to ask the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia to review the Regional District 's response.

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