What services must I provide on subdivision?

The CSRD Subdivision Servicing Bylaw 680 determines the level and standard of construction of such services as the provision of water. The Development Services staff will provide assistance in determining servicing requirements of a local nature.

Local municipalities may have different standards that must be met when piped water and sewer systems are being built. Your local municipality can provide information for proposals within municipal boundaries.

One requirement that may be placed on subdivision is the dedication of land for parks. Section 941 of the Local Government Act determines when park dedication is required, local plans are used to pre-locate land to be dedicated and Board policy provides attribute detail. Another requirement of subdivision may be the payment of development cost charges towards a water system that may service your lots now or in the future. Development cost charge information is available from the CSRD or the applicable water works supplier.

The Ministry of Transportation establishes the requirements for road widths, grade, ditching, pavement and other similar services and will be instrumental in the early stages of planning and costing a subdivision proposal.

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