How do I know if I can subdivide my land?

The CSRD has adopted zoning and rural land use bylaws which may apply to your land. These bylaws establish parcel sizes, exceptions, configuration, amenity and service requirements which must be adhered to when designing a subdivision. The CSRD has also adopted the Subdivision Servicing Bylaw Number 680, which provides details of construction standards for community water systems as well as onsite water provision requirements.

In the initial stages of planning a subdivision, it is wise to contact the CSRD Development Services Department for bylaw information. The Ministry of Transportation office should also be contacted for regulations pursuant to the Local Services Act which will establish parcel and servicing requirements for areas outside of local bylaw application. The Ministry of Transportation also provides detailed information on road grades and alignments and may be able to advise you with respect to the need and nature of geological or hazard assessment. The Interior Health Authority will also be involved in the subdivision process, as your proposed parcels will be subject to sanitary sewage disposal regulations. In the case of a community collection system, the Ministry of Environment may also be involved.

If your land is within the Agricultural Land Reserve as established by the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (PALC), you cannot subdivide unless you have received prior approval from the PALC, or if the proposed subdivision meets the requirements as set out in Section 5. Permitted Subdivisions, of B.C. Reg. 171/2002 of the Agricultural Land Commission Act.

An "Applicant Information Package" for Agricultural Land Reserve applications is available from the CSRD Development Services Department, which outlines the approval process. The average approval may take from three to six months to finalize and may vary according to the complexities of the specific proposal. Local government offices must be contacted for information and approval processes regarding a subdivision proposal within individual jurisdiction areas.

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