When is a building permit NOT required?

If a construction project involves no structural changes and no relocation or installation of new plumbing fixtures, then no building permit or plumbing permit is required. In addition, certain types of structures will be exempt, including:

  • One storey accessory buildings that are under 10m2 in size, are not used for habitation, and do not create a hazard
  • Non-structural repairs such as window replacements (same size windows), roof updates, kitchen renovations with no movement of plumbing fixtures, finishing of basement with flooring and non-structural (not including creation of secondary suite)
  • Patios, decks or balconies that are less than 2 feet (0.61m) off the ground
  • Repairs or minor alterations to the plumbing system or fixtures that do not affect the venting or sewerage system
  • Landscaping retaining walls below 1.22 m in height that do not support loads created by buildings or parking areas
  • Construction of, utility poles and towers and public infrastructure systems (as identified in Section of the BC Building Code
  • Un-modified CSA Z240 RV or un-modified CSA Z241 Park Model

Anyone who is unsure whether a project requires a permit is encouraged to contact the Building Department at 888-248-2773 or 250-832-8194 or email the Building Department.

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