New - Electoral Area G

map showing CSRD Electoral Areas C and G

Electoral Area G was created on November 17, 2022 after an extensive public process regarding the proposed incorporation of Sorrento and Blind Bay into a municipality. 

A referendum vote did not support incorporation at that time, and, as such, the Province recommended the division of Electoral Area C into two separate Electoral Areas. This was to provide better elected representation to the residents of the area based on population.

Electoral Area G consists of the unincorporated area in the South Shuswap which also encompasses the communities of Carlin, Balmoral, Blind Bay, Notch Hill and Sorrento. Much of Electoral Area G borders Shuswap Lake and the Trans-Canada Highway is the main transportation route running through the entire electoral area.

Information for Electoral Area C residents

If you live in Electoral Area C, we have prepared some information regarding your new boundaries and what the mean for you. Please see the Electoral Area C page for details.

How can I check that I live in Electoral Area G?

To help you be sure which area now applies to you, enter your address in the interactive mapping tool below to find out. 

Local services

As part of dividing Electoral Area C into two separate electoral areas, both Electoral Area C and G have been configured to have essentially the same services as the previous boundaries of Electoral Area C. This includes maintaining similar services and tax rates for both areas. 

Residents living in Electoral Area G will continue to have these services:

  • 911 service
  • Fire Protection*
  • Emergency Management
  • Use of landfills/transfer stations
  • Access to recycling depots
  • Land-Use Planning (ie. zoning, development permits)
  • Building Regulation and Inspection
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Dog Control
  • Parks & Trails
  • Water Service*

*Where services are already established.This is not a complete list of all CSRD services. 

Changes to the services in both Electoral Area C and G may take place, but will need future approval by the Board of Directors before they can come into effect.