Development Permits

What is a Development Permit (DP)?

A Development Permit (DP) sets forth conditions under which residential, commercial, or industrial developments may take place. Once issued, it becomes binding on the existing and future owners of the property. Depending on the type of DP, it must be issued by either the Manager of Development Services or the CSRD Board of Directors.

A DP must be obtained prior to a Building Permit, prior to subdivision approval, or prior to any alteration on site (environmental DP's).

The DP process can proceed only if the proposed use is permitted in the zone, or after any necessary rezoning approval is obtained.

The cost of Development Permit applications is set out in the Development Services Fee Schedule (PDF)

Is a Development Permit the same thing as a Building Permit?

A Development Permit is not a Building Permit. A Building Permit must be obtained prior to any construction in areas that have building inspection service including CSRD Electoral Areas B, C, E, F and G.

What can be required to obtain a Development Permit?

You may be required to obtain a report from a Qualified Professional. 

These professional reports will be used by the CSRD to determine the conditions and requirements of the development permit. They must certify that the land may be used safely for the use intended. 

  • Depending on the recommendations in the qualified professional report, a covenant may need to be registered on the property’s title.
  • Reports are to be prepared at the applicant’s expense. The applicant is required to coordinate with the necessary qualified professionals to initiate the professional report.