Logo Request Form

CSRD's logo provides a distinctive way of recognizing the District's departments, buildings, vehicles and events. 
In order to use the Columbia ShuswapCSRD Logo Regional District's Logo, you need to use this CSRD Logo Permission form and agree to abide by the Guidelines for External Use.

When to apply for use of the CSRD logo

All external use of the CSRD logo must be approved by the Corporate Administration Department. The CSRD can allow the logo to be used externally under certain circumstances. Application should be made when the CSRD logo is to be used on any electronic, printed or other creative materials. Organizations or individuals who may apply for logo use include, but are not limited to:

  • event sponsorship
  • fund or grant recipients
  • those in partnerships with the CSRD
  • a jointly operated facility with the CSRD

How to apply for use of the CSRD logo

In order to use the CSRD logo, you must request permission via the CSRD Logo Permission form. Once your application has been approved, a digital file of the logo will be sent to you.

CSRD Logo Visual Guidelines


  • The logo shall not be modified in any way in terms of scale, colour or design
  • The logo must have a free space surrounding it equal to the height of the text "CSRD" in the wordmark
  • The logo must present no smaller than 0.75" wide

Use of the CSRD logo for external individuals/groups: 

Corporate identity items, such as logos or related graphic materials, are the property of the CSRD. The use of these materials by third parties is strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from the CSRD.