Frequently Asked Questions - North Shuswap AAP

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What is the North Shuswap Health Centre?

The North Shuswap Health Centre is a community owned and operated Primary Care Health Centre located in Scotch Creek. It provides a Shared Care Clinic program with regular physicians and contract doctors. Health Services also include foot care, Public Health and bi-weekly laboratory services (blood services & ECGs).

Who does it serve?

In 2021, the Health Centre had more than 4,600 patient visits for service. Most of these visits are from people who live either full-time or seasonally in the North Shuswap.

Why is this Alternative Approval Process being brought forward by the CSRD?

The North Shuswap Health Centre Society (NSHCS) requested that the CSRD Board establish a service to allow the CSRD to contribute annually towards the operation of the North Shuswap Health Centre. Online and written petitions of area residents obtained more than 5,300 signatures in support of paying an additional tax to help support the health centre.

I live in Electoral Area F. How much will this cost me each year?

The bylaw requires the maximum amount that may be requisitioned for the service not be more than $130,000.00 or $0.0612/$1,000 of net taxable value of land and improvements annually within Electoral Area F.

This means for the average home in Electoral Area F with an assessed value of $410,968, residents would pay approximately $25.16 towards the North Shuswap Health Centre. For a home assessed at $600,000, it would be an approximate annual payment of $36.73.

Why is the North Shuswap Health Centre Society asking for this type of funding?

The centre is looking for a stable and reliable source of funding to assist with its operating budget in the North Shuswap. Current fundraising efforts are not always secure, leaving a lot of uncertainty for long-term financial planning. Recruiting and retaining doctors and other health-care professionals is more difficult without reliable funding.

I want to learn more about the Alternative Approval Process itself. What is an AAP and how does it work to get elector assent?

The CSRD has developed an information sheet for general questions about the Alternative Approval Process. This document gives more information on what an Alternative Approval Process is and how it will affect residents of Electoral Area F.

How did we get to this stage of the process?

Background information on the development of the North Shuswap Health Centre AAP is available from the following related documents: