What goes where?

Recycling can sometimes be confusing. There's different categories for different materials. The key is to put items where they belong so they can be properly recycled. 

This page is a place to help you find out what you can divert from landfills, what local recycling depots accept and where to recycle some specialty items.

At CSRD Recycling Depots:

If you don't have a curbside recycling program in your municipality or you live in a rural area, your first step is to drop your recyclables in the correct bin at the CSRD Recycling Depot closest to you. Find out what goes where at your local depot.

The CSRD's recycling programs are operated as part of the Recycle BC programs. For more information, contact Recycle BC.

Items not included in the bins

There are many other products that can be recycled in the region. The Recycling Council of BC can help you figure out where to take specialty items like paint, light bulbs or motor oil. Access their online guide through their website.