Building Projects

Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in place for some properties in the Shuswap due to the Bush Creek East Wildfire. Many Development Services staff were engaged in emergency operations. Most of these staff have moved back to their regular positions, but delays with processing building permits and planning applications may occur due to this emergency.

At the September 14, 2023, CSRD Board Meeting, a unanimous vote approved a temporary moratorium on building inspection and building permit issuance within the study boundaries. Read more...

If you plan to build in a wildfire-affected area, there may be some specific information available to your situation at the new website.

Building in the CSRD

Building regulations vary across the CSRD, depending on which Electoral Area you live. Some areas have full Building Regulation and Inspection, others do not. 

If you live in Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke or Golden, you need to contact them for information on building or renovating structures.

If you are looking to access building plans, please fill out this online Building Plan Request form.

You can find more information on whether you need a building permit at the Building Regulation and Inspection Page.

Once you have a building permit, use this form to request a building inspection.

CSRD Building Inspectors conduct reviews of all building permit applications for conformance with BC Building Code requirements, development bylaws, and other related regulations in the areas where these regulations apply.

If you live in an area where building permits are required, here is a guide below to help you determine if you need a permit or not. If in doubt, contact our Development Services team at 250-832-8194 or by email.

  • Construct a new building, add to an existing building or building a deck over 2ft above grade
  • Install solar panels or adding a roof to an entry or deck
  • Enclose your carport or changing your garage to a living space
  • Structural changes. Ex. removing a load bearing wall or adding/ widening the size of a door/window
  • Install insulation or vapour barrier to an exterior wall
  • Add or relocate plumbing
  • Finish a basement or converting a space to a bedroom
  • Add a secondary suite or new kitchen
  • Make interior renovations that may impact travel to an exit
  • Add or move a wood stove or other solid fuel-burning appliance