Wiseman Creek Landslide Risk

What is the risk?

BGC Engineering contacted the Shuswap Emergency Program (SEP) on October 14, 2021 while they were doing work in the area of the Two Mile Fire near Sicamous and Swansea Point. They were concerned with the potential for debris flow in the Wiseman, Sicamous, and Hummingbird Creek drainages. 

SEP applied for funding from Emergency Management BC (EMBC) to assess the hazard and risk in the area. BGC Engineering was engaged to do the hazard and risk assessment. On November 23, 2021, BGC presented their findings to the emergency program:

    The Sicamous Creek Mobile Home Park at the mouth of Wiseman Creek is subject to post-wildfire debris flows.

    It is highly likely that such debris flow (landslide) will occur in the next two years.

    Particularly large (rare) debris flows could be life threatening and destroy property. There is a possibility of a worst-case scenario which will result in large debris flow, highly destructive destroying mobile homes with loss of life.

    Stakeholders are confronted with examining the process and responsibilities for managing risk to life, infrastructure, property and the environment.

    Sicamous and Hummingbird Creek hazard assessments are proceeding as planned. Sicamous Creek hazards have increased somewhat due to fire, Hummingbird Creek is largely unaffected. 

What is being done?

The risks posed by a post-wildfire landslide are considerable and will require an extended response. This page will provide information updates on the situation and record information related to the Shuswap Emergency Program response. 

  1. Community Notification: December 13, 2021

On December 13, 2021, the District of Sicamous and Shuswap Emergency Program hosted a Community Meeting at the Red Barn Arts Centre to discuss post-wildfire landslide risks in the Two Mile area.

Matthias Jakob, Principal Geoscientist with BGC Engineering, provided a presentation to attendees who participated both in person and online. Along with Jakob, the meeting panelists included Engineering Geologist Hazel Wong, District of Sicamous Fire Chief Brett Ogino and Derek Sutherland with the Shuswap Emergency Program. 

The presentation was based on a Debris Flow Assessment developed by BGC Engineering.

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