Water System Acquisition

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Existing Water Systems

Within the unincorporated areas of the CSRD there are over 60 private water systems, some which have been well managed and operated, however many are dealing with failing infrastructure, improper maintenance, changing regulations and lack of reserve funds. In some cases the water systems have been abandoned altogether by their owners and have left to the community or Province to deal with.

The CSRD has been under pressure in recent years to provide help for these failing water systems therefore, in 2009 the CSRD developed the Water System Acquisition Strategy. The strategy provides the CSRD with the tools to help both the owners of small water systems and the users those water systems serve. Rural water systems face many challenges including governance issues, aging infrastructure, inadequate cost recovery, incomplete system maintenance or depleting or non existing reserve funds. With grant funding unavailable to private water systems, the substantial upgrading costs associated with a failing water system can be overwhelming and the strategy may provide another option to some private water systems.

New Water Systems

New water system developments with over 50 connections have the option of requesting the CSRD take ownership and operation of the system. This would require the developer/owner to enter into a Utility Master Agreement with the CSRD. The water system would then be constructed to CSRD standards and upon completion, the system ownership would transfer from the owner/developer to the CSRD, with a warranty and reserve fund contribution in place.

Water Acquisition Strategy

In March 2010, the CSRD amended its Water System Acquisition Strategy which guides decisions related to water system acquisition, assessment, and operations. The policies and assessment procedures included in the strategy have been written to specifically minimize the CSRD's risk and maximize benefits to water users. Owners are invited to apply to the Regional District to become a CSRD water system.

How it Works

Interested water system owners and developers are encouraged to review the Water System Acquisition Strategy for details and application requirements.

At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the CSRD will accept expression of interest letters from communities or water system owners or developers who wish to initiate the acquisition process. If the water system meets the criteria of the strategy, the application will be brought to the Board of Directors, which, in the case of an existing system, could allow access to funding in order to complete an engineering assessment of the system.

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