Falkland Waterworks

Falkland Waterworks map

The Falkland Water System is located on Highway 97 N approximately halfway between Vernon and Kamloops in Electoral Area D.

The water system consists of two groundwater wells. Water treatment methods include Iron and Manganese removal filtration, ammonia removal by chlorination and distribution chlorination. The system has emergency backup power and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitoring system that provides full remote monitoring capabilities. View the Falkland Waterworks Newsletters.

Costs of Connection For Properties Outside Water Service Area

Reserve Contribution: 10 times the current year Parcel Tax rate. (For example, if the annual parcel tax rate equals $532, it would equate to a $5,320 contribution to connect.)

A public assent process must also take place prior to a property connecting to the Falkland Water System in order to include that property into the Water Service Area. Connection Fee: $5,000 per property

Costs of Connection For Properties Within Existing Water Service Area

Please note this represents a standard installation that does not require any added engineering or infrastructure costs. Connection Fee: $5,000 per property

Annual Water System Fees

The annual parcel tax and user fee amounts are set by the Waterworks Rates and Regulations Bylaw Number 5819. View the Waterworks Rates and Regulations Bylaw Number 5819.