Rates & Fees

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Fee schedules are available for the following:

  • Bylaw Amendments (Official Community Plan, Zoning, Land Use Bylaw, Comprehensive Development)
  • Permits (Development Permit, Development Variance Permit, Temporary Use Permit)
  • Subdivision
  • Other fees (Board of Variance, Land Use Contract Amendments or Discharge.)

View the Development Services Fee Schedule (PDF) and Building Inspection Fee Schedule (PDF).

Administrative Rates & Charges Bylaw Number 5298

Service or ItemCharge
Information (Commercial Sale/Purchase only)
Taxes, Utilities, etc. (request in writing)
$5 by mail/fax
Photocopying - 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14
For Map reproduction see item 9
$0.30 page
Bylaw (routine) All Bylaws remain intact$5 Maximum
Annual subscription of Board minutes$25 (plus postage)
Financial Statements (non-regulatory requirement)$5 each
Financial Disclosures (non-regulatory requirement)$5 page
Facsimile - local call (Maximum 10 Pages)$1 page
Postage/Shipping CostsActual
Map Reproduction8.5 by 11 or 8.5 by 14 - $1 page
11 by 17 - $2 page
17 by 22 - $3 page
22 by 34 - $4.50 page
34 by  44 - $7 page
Map Atlas - A complete OCP, Zoning or Land Use Booklet in a 11 by 17 format (e.g. Bylaw Number 700/701)$40 each
NSF Cheque$20 each
Minimum Invoice Charge$5 each
Invoice Late Payment ChargeIn addition to invoice charge, pay interest at the rate set out below from the date the charge was due to the date of payment:
Terms-net 30 days from date of invoice
2% per month (24% per annum) charged on invoices over 30 days

NOTE The following are exempt from the above fees:

  • CSRD Board Directors and/or Alternate Directors
  • CSRD Member Municipalities
  • MLAs and MPs within the CSRD
  • CSRD Function Committees and Commissions
  • News Media ( Board Agenda and Minutes only
  • Other Government Agencies