New - Electoral Area C

Sunnybrae Park By Kevin Clarkson

Electoral Area C is part of the South Shuswap including the unincorporated communities of Sunnybrae,map showing CSRD Electoral Areas C and G Tappen, White Lake, and Eagle Bay. The area offers a wide range of recreational activities including boating, fishing, swimming in Shuswap Lake, and hiking on its numerous trails. The area is located along the Trans-Canada Highway west of Salmon Arm and east of Kamloops. Electoral Area C is known for its lake-based tourism and is home to many seasonal residences, as well as rich farmland (both specialty hobby and traditional farms).

How can I check that I still live in Electoral Area C?

To help you be sure which area now applies to you, enter your address in the interactive mapping tool below to find out. 

New Boundaries, Same Services

The population of Electoral Area C grew rapidly since its inception. This led to a study into the feasibility of incorporating the most densely populated areas of Sorrento and Blind Bay into a municipal government. A referendum vote in 2021 did not support this option, therefore the default option was to split off a section of Electoral Area C and create a new Electoral Area G. 

The boundaries of the two Electoral Areas were drawn in such a way to ensure citizens received more equal elected representation among the citizens of the South Shuswap.

In the short term, the change in boundaries does not affect the services previously received.  For more information view the FAQs on the right side of this page. All the previous services will remain in place as under the old Electoral Area C boundaries. These services are listed below:

Local Services