Flood Mapping Study

Flood Mapping Timeline Opens in new windowIn 2018 and 2019, BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC) studied the Shuswap portion of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) to prioritize steep creek and flood risk areas in the Thompson Watershed. This work was completed on behalf of the Fraser Basin Council. This report is the first step in gathering data and updating flood hazard risk mapping in the CSRD.

In 2019, the CSRD obtained grant funding to study the same issues in Electoral Areas A (Rural Golden) and B (Rural Revelstoke) and to assess flood and steep creek risk across the entire CSRD.

The timeline (view full-size timeline [PDF]) outlines the multi-step process involved with flood-risk mapping in the CSRD. As the process moves ahead, it will enhance the quality and the accessibility of flood and landslide hazard information for the public, property owners, qualified development industry professionals, local governments and regulatory agencies. It will also help with emergency management planning.

Geohazard Risk Prioritization Study Report

This region-wide project forms the basis for more detailed flood-risk mapping studies of high-risk areas and will be used to determine future risk-reduction efforts in certain areas. The study identified and prioritized geohazard areas covering 1,946 km2 of the CSRD.

The CSRD Board received the complete Geohazard Risk Prioritization Study report at the February 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting, which included a presentation from Kris Holm, BCG's principal engineer on the project. View the Regional Flood and Steep Creek Risk Prioritization Presentation (PDF). View the Geohazard Risk Prioritization Report (PDF).

The Fraser Basin Council has applied for National Disaster Mitigation Program funding to advance more detailed flood mapping in selected areas of the Thompson River Watershed, including sites in the Shuswap. These areas will include the Eagle River, Salmon River and Swansea Point.

Other funding grant opportunities will be pursued as available to advance the report’s recommendations for more detailed flood hazard mapping in other high priority areas of the CSRD.

Through the provision of detailed hazard maps and information, these studies are designed to support land-use planning, bylaw development, emergency response, risk control, and asset management. In the future, Development Services will incorporate new flood mapping will be into Official Community Plans and zoning bylaws, which may include updates to Development Permit Areas and flood construction levels.