FireSmart in the CSRD

Every year in the province of BC, people and property are threatened by wildfires. Many of these fires occur in areas called the urban interface zone where homes, cabins and subdivisions are built into the forest landscape. Individual property owners can and should help reduce the risk of wildfire affecting their properties. 

Want help?

You may submit a request for a CSRD FireSmart Representative to help you complete an assessment of your home, free of charge. 

Request FireSmart Assessment

All FireSmart assessments are subject to the availability of a representative in your area and the overall budget for assessments. These private assessments are designed to help the homeowner understand how to be more FireSmart, including how to reduce the risk of wildfire on the property and around the home. The assessment is for the use of the homeowner only and cannot be used in any other manner.

Check out this 50-second video outlining some of what the CSRD's FireSmart program can do to help you.


The FireSmart program is a national program designed to reduce interface fire risk to communities. In BC, the FireSmart program is administered by the Wildfire Management Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. In 2019 through 2021, the CSRD was a successful recipient of funding grants from the Union of BC Municipalities' Community Resiliency Fund to spend on a region-wide wildfire threat mitigation and education campaign.

The money will be largely spent on local projects through the promotion of FireSmart principles, which include: conducting hazard assessments of homes and properties, offering advice on ways to reduce fire risks, and considering FireSmart standards when developing properties to reduce flammability.

Watch & Learn from Our Webinar

Through our FireSmart initiative, the CSRD is committed to providing homeowners and communities with the information they need to reduce wildfire risk.

For detailed information, the CSRD has developed a 30-minute webinar presentation that will review the risk factors and help you understand simple things you can do to protect your home and property from wildfire. CSRD FireSmart Coordinator Len Youden will walk you through ways you can protect yourself and options for getting involved with the CSRD's FireSmart resources.

Become a FireSmart Recognized Community

We all know fires don't recognize borders, so while you may take steps to protect your property, it is even better if your neighbourhood does so as a group.That's where the FireSmart Recognized Community comes in.

Do you want to be a Community Champion and inspire your neighbors to get on board? Find out more about FireSmart Community Recognition.