Official Community Plans

The development and review of Official Community Plans (OCPs) is a major responsibility of the CSRD's Long Range Planning function.

Official Community Plan

The Local Government Act defines an official community plan (OCP) as a general statement of the broad objectives and policies of the local government respecting the form and character of existing and proposed land use and servicing requirements in the area covered by the plan. It must consider anticipated housing needs, schools, service requirements, public facilities, location and requirements for commercial, industrial, agricultural and other land uses, and restrictions on lands that are environmentally sensitive or hazardous.

An OCP is a long-term strategy for land use management, development, and servicing. This document is created by the community in dialogue with locally elected commission and committee members, and is intended to serve as a statement of the objectives and policies of the local government. The goals of an OCP are implemented through its zoning bylaw.

Development Permit Areas 

An OCP may designate Development Permit Areas for environmental protection, protection of development from hazardous conditions, and to guide the form and character of commercial, industrial or multi-family residential development. If a property is located within a Development Permit Area, a development permit may be required and CSRD Development Services should be contacted before undertaking any construction or development. OCPs also identify exemptions from development permit requirements.


Use the web map to view the OCP mapping and to find the OCP designation for a property. Search options: civic address, PID, legal plan, roll number. For more tips on using the maps please view the Online Mapping and Property Information Manual (PDF). Launch the full screen OCP Map.


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