Information Technology & GIS

What We Do

Information Technology is a support service department that develops and maintains information technology infrastructure, supports client workstations, and guides the use of desktop applications. Our goal is to provide to all CSRD divisions and departments:

  • Consistent and stable hardware and software
  • Professional direction
  • Expertise and assistance in the area of Information Technology and Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is a support service department that integrates hardware, software and geographic data (such as boundaries, water features, grids, roads and aerial photos) to help staff and the public to make informed decisions on land use and planning.

Services We Provide

Information Technology, including Geographic Information Systems, will continue to play an increasingly key role in assisting the CSRD in delivering services to the public and CSRD internal departments. IT and GIS division covers broad areas of support service:

  • Application and Data Support
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Hardware and Technical Support
  • Geographic Information Systems and Mapping Support
  • Geospatial Referencing

Application & Data Support

Information Technology and GIS Services support the storage and delivery of an immense amount of business, financial, geographic, and property-based information to the public and CSRD staff via:

  • The CSRD public website
  • Internal and external mapping
  • Cityview and other internal mapping and software applications
  • Industry-standard desktop software

The CSRD offers many interactive mapping applications for public use.