Liquor Licensing

If you want to sell liquor in B.C., you need a liquor licence or permit.

The CSRD does not issue liquor licences in its Electoral Areas, however, there is a limited role for local governments in the provincial application process. The BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) oversees the regulation and licensing of liquor and non-medical cannabis establishments and events.

Under provincial legislation, the CSRD is notified of liquor licence applications within its boundaries and can provide comment to the LCRB.

The CSRD has developed a policy for responding to liquor licence application referrals. This policy:

  • Ensures the CSRD is notified by the Province of any applications in Electoral Areas;
  • Directs Development services staff to review all application referrals for compliance with relevant land-use regulations, and provide comments to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch;
  • Provides notification to the LCRB and the public that the CSRD will not comment on seating capacities for any application.

If you have questions about how zoning or land-use may affect your liquor licence application, please email the Development Services planning staff or by calling 250-832-8194.

The Role of the LCRB

The province has jurisdiction over the issuance of all liquor licences through the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch. This is the agency which will make a determination on liquor licence applications.

The LCRB's application processes vary depending on the type of licence. You can find information about liquor licences and permits, including how to apply or alter your licence and what certifications you need to work in the serving industry here.

How to Apply for a Liquor Licence

Liquor Lined UpLiquor licence applications are not made through the CSRD. Applications are submitted by the property or business owner through the Provincial's online Liquor and Cannabis Licensing Portal. More information about the Provincial application process can be found on the British Columbia Online Liquor Licensing website.

All liquor licence types are now available online, including:

  • Catering licences
  • Wine Store licences
  • Manufacturer licences
  • Licensee Retail Store licences
  • UBrew and UVin licences
  • Rural Licensee Retail Store licences
  • Liquor Primary licences
  • Food Primary licences
  • Agent licences