House Numbering

Housing Number Computer Program

CSRD assigns civic addresses for residents of the CSRD. If your property is within Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke, or Golden, contact them to obtain a civic address.

If you have purchased a home that already has a civic address you should contact the CSRD office to confirm the correct number for the dwelling. Residents in the process of building a new dwelling can obtain a civic address. Agencies such as Hydro, Telephone and Gas will require this service address prior to allowing a connection. House numbers are assigned only to dwellings and places of business, and not to vacant land.

Use the on-line application to find a property and apply for a civic address. Instructions to use the on-line application are:

  • Open the online map.
  • Find your property using the legal description search window.
  • Or use the map controls zoom in to find and click on the property.
  • Click the "Apply for a civic address" link.
  • Complete the form and click the submit button.

Displaying Your House Number

With the implementation of 9-1-1 in April of 2000, having correct house numbers posted has become extremely important. As these numbers are vitally important to emergency service personnel, CSRD suggests posting their house numbers in a manner that makes them clearly visible from their access road both during the day and at night. The CSRD suggests the numbers be 8 to 10 centimetres high.

How the House Numbering System Works

In 1990, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District established a house numbering system for the Electoral Areas of the CSRD. With the exception of Electoral Area A, the house numbering system uses a grid system as its point of reference. With the grid system, the point of reference is defined by the use of two base lines, one that runs east-west, and the other running north-south. Where these base lines intersect, the zero point is established, and from this point grid lines are drawn. The CSRD combines the grid system of allocating a house number, with the name of the road that provides access to the property. In this way, the house number is assigned according to the access for the property and the location of the property within the grid framework.