Site Disclosure Statements

As of February 1, 2021, all rezoning, development permit and building permit applications are required by the Province of BC to include a completed Provincial Site Disclosure Statement (SDS) completed by the property owner. Your CSRD application will not be processed until the completed SDS form is received.

The CSRD will determine within 15 days of receiving a completed application if the SDS needs to be submitted to the Province for additional review. If the completed SDS identifies that an industrial or commercial use specified by the Province has existed or is occurring on the property, CSRD staff will determine if an exemption applies. If an exemption does not apply, CSRD staff will email the completed SDS to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the property owner. At this point, the CSRD is unable to approve this application until the CSRD receives written notification from the Province that the CSRD may approve. At this point, it is also the property owner's responsibility to communicate with the Ministry to confirm their requirements with regards to the property.

If you have questions regarding the Site Disclosure Statement required to complete your CSRD application, please email the Building Department or Planning Department Staff or call 250-832-8194. The purpose of the Provincial Contaminated Sites Regulation and Site Disclosure Statement is to bring potentially contaminated sites to the attention of the Province. This is to ensure these sites are investigated and that contaminated areas are remediated before reuse or redevelopment.

It is the intention of the Province that only properties with a history of specified industrial and commercial uses are impacted by this investigation and remediation process. If you have any questions regarding the Provincial Contaminated Sites Regulation and the requirement to complete a Site Disclosure Statement, please contact the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Provincial Site Disclosure Statement

You can access the online form for the Provincial Site Disclosure Statement. There is more information about the process on the Provincial webpage. For more information on site identification, please email the Site Identification Officer.

SDS flow chart