Development & Planning

Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in place for some properties in the Shuswap due to the Bush Creek East Wildfire. Many Development Services staff were engaged in emergency operations. Most of these staff have moved back to their regular positions, but delays with processing building permits and planning applications may occur due to this emergency.

At the September 14, 2023, CSRD Board Meeting, a unanimous vote approved a temporary moratorium on building inspection and building permit issuance within the study boundaries. Read more...

If you plan to build in a wildfire-affected area, there may be some specific information available to your situation at the new website.

boats with subdivision in background

I want to build something on my property. 

What should I do?

Figuring out the answers can be complicated because of Provincial legislation, bylaws and differences in services between various CSRD Electoral Areas.

The CSRD manages a broad range of land use and development approval processes, including but not limited to: Official Community Plans, Rezoning, Variance, Temporary Use Permit, Agricultural Land Reserve and Subdivision application referrals.

Help is available

The CSRD employs Planners, who have education and training in these areas and can help you navigate the process. Planners can explain the rules that apply to your specific property and suggest possible options for development. 

A good first step is to contact the CSRD's Planning Department. Get the facts first. Moving forward with any development project will be much easier if you understand the process, the timeline, and the costs involved.

You can:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 250-833-5904
  • Visit the CSRD office at 555 Harbourfront Drive NE, Salmon Arm between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Appointments are recommended, but not required.
  • Look through our website for planning information. The website provides general information. Speaking with a planner will allow you to obtained more detailed information that is specific to your property.

What you need to know before contacting us:

  • The location of the property − the address, legal description, or nine-digit Parcel Identifier (PID) Number.
  • Ideas about what you would like to do or build on your property. 

What happens next?

Due to the number of inquiries, it may take a few days for a Planner to review your ideas and follow up with you. 

Most responses will be provided by email, so you will have a record of the answers and information provided. They can also provide clarification by phone, if you prefer to speak directly with someone. 

How can a Planner assist me? 

 They can:

  • explain the bylaws, regulations or permits that apply to your property and how that applies to your development ideas
  • explain the purpose of bylaws, regulations and permits
  • provide contact information for other government agencies you might need to work with
  • provide information on options for development 
  • offer alternative development options for your property so your project will meet the rules. 
  • discuss options to seek a change to bylaws, such as rezoning or development variance permits, if your plans will not be permitted any other way.

You can make the process easier and more efficient by providing as much information possible about your plans and ideas.