Recycling Depots

The CSRD partners with Recycle BC to deliver the residential recycling program at CSRD Landfills and transfer stations, as well as working with private operators, like bottle depots, to set up drop-off sites at their locations. All CSRD Landfills and Transfer Stations have on-site Recycling Depots, but there are other options as well. 

Find a depot

Check out the list of recycling depots including locations, hours of operation and any other items specific to that site.  Each facility has a page with specific information to that site.

  • Depots are only open during hours of operation
  • Commercially generated recycling is handled separately
  • The partnership with Recycle BC allows residents to recycle additional items that were not accepted for recycling before, such as: aerosol containers, styrofoam, film plastic (plastic bags), and disposable drink cups.
  • Depot users will need to sort recyclables into seven categories. Please note - recyclables accepted through a curbside recycling program do not need to be sorted.

A map of all Solid Waste Facilities in the region

Recycling Programs